The Legend of Vox Machina 1×6 Reaction

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  1. Glad you guys are enjoying the show. 😀 Love all of Critical Role’s content and you guys are my fav channel ever so seeing both world come together is amazing!

  2. So this isn’t something you’ll actually learn in the show so it won’t be a spoiler, but Percy is actually a conversion of a class from pathfinder. The gunslinger. They started their game in pathfinder then Switched to 5e. So Mathew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe made a custom gunslinger conversion for for Percy.

  3. also there’s a few videos out now that compare scenes from the campaign to the show; like family hanging from the suntree scene, the back door scene, etc. it’s pretty cool. Obviously there’s changes to make the adaption more seamless and fluid, but it’s amazing how much they kept, including improvised lines word for word.

  4. By the way, Pike’s “holy symbol” is called her sigil, and it’s the symbol of her patron who is a deity. In the animated show, it’s called the EverLight. In the actual D&D game, her deity is Sarenrae.

  5. Well, even disregarding the fact that Percy’s class was based on the Pathfinder Gunslinger class, the 5e conversion was a Fighter subclass. But for the magic effect and vibe, Taliesin his player and voice actor took a feat to basically get that flavor and effect he wanted for this. So the smoke is actually a straight translation from how they visualized his use of the Hex spell. So yeah, kinda like Ranger in that way I guess, but not actually.

  6. i thought vex and vax were the leaders. first off: their names are very similar to the name of the group. secondly, vex just has a leader’s aura and swag. she gets them together, gives out orders (as does vax) and when they are not pulling their weight (scanlan or druid chick) they put them in check to get back into the fight

    1. Vox Machina is Latin (translates to “??? machine” or “??? in the machine”)
      Vex and Vax are abbreviations of there full names

      1. From watching a discussion video they had on it, they chose the name as it directly translates to Voice Machine and being voice actors this was ideal. Granted in the home game they had before they transitioned to playing on Twitch, the Group was called the S.H.I.T’s (Super High Intensity Team)

  7. so obvious to me. the priestess did something and it has caused her to lose her faith hence why she has been very bad at using her powers and hesitant to give blessings. i dont know what her vows are but lets say one of them is “never lay with a man”, if she had sex to her she is going “oh im a bad person” and so all her faith and self confidence is gone.

  8. I am new patreon, I got the 15$ a month one. I am logged in patreon, but i can view this stuff. It says im logged in but its not letting me watch?