The Legend of Vox Machina 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Percy and Cassandra’s white hair is actually a result of Marie Antoinette Syndrome, an incredibly rare thing where after going through severe emotional stress your hair turns white. It gets the name from how supposedly Marie Antoinette’s hair turned white moments before her execution

  2. If my memory serves, the only real difference with the Scanlan vs The Duke fight was the ending that Rick was caught up on. Instead of casting lightning bolt through his loins, Sam (Scanlan) rolled a series of good checks to succeed in pushing The Duke off the roof with Scanlans hand. Still solo’d like the whole army tho

  3. As a fun technical fact about Percy’s class in game, he doesn’t multi class as a warlock because gunslinger relies so heavily on going full fighter, so instead he took the magic initiate feat FOR warlock and game wise took hex I think. So like he’s kinda partly a warlock without actually being one

  4. So in the actual game, Scanlan only had the potion of fire breathing and the other potions and the scroll in the show were other spells he used but couldn’t use their name for copyright reasons, i.e. Polymorph, Dimension Door, Bigby’s Hand, Lightning Bolt. He actually beat Vedmire by not engaging him at all and using Bigby’s Hand and pushing him off the roof before he could attack him. The lightning bolt from the groin was a reference to not only how Scanlan beat the first major fight on stream but also Scanlan’s first kill. Scanlan hadn’t killed anything before in the two years they were playing as a home game and it was just by chance that on the first episode when they were streaming he got his first kill with Lightning Bolt. Matt asked Sam, “How Do You Want To Do This?” where Matt lets players decide how to finish off big enemies and he described Scanlan casting Lightning Bolt from his sick and carving a “S” shape into it’s body like Zorro.

  5. Ironically, in the campaign scanlan solo’d the mansion with even more ease than portrayed here. He didn’t even broke a sweat, and while ‘cock lightening’ is a thing that scanlan/sam did and joked about throughout, all he did here was push Vedmire off the roof with Scnlans hand, I don’t even think he got hurt in the campaign. Sam and Travis wrote this episode (Scanlan and Grog) and im pretty sure they wanted an air of believability in what Scanlan does, because he technically shouldn’t have pulled it off but he did it so well through a combination of luck and clever spell use. totally worth looking up a comparison video, its quite funny.

  6. With the speculation about who the sixth bullet is for, did you notice Percy’s shadow when Scanlan asked that question? If you don’t want to look, the shadow has his hand to his head… So you’re definitely lead to believe that. The truth? We’ll see.
    As for the stupidity of Cock Lightning, there are two points. 1. At least it was foreshadowed that he’s tried lightning before, and it was ineffective. Now that he’s personalized it, it’s more powerful. 2. I would point you back to the original introduction they filmed for Critical Role, with all the actors dressed up as their characters. I think it was after that, but it was a defining trait of Scanlan…

  7. When they talk about the sixth barrel at the beginning of the episode. Percy just holds the gun while his shadow points the gun at his own head.

  8. residuim can be used to replace any spell component that has a monetary value – meaning if you needed a diamond for rez but had residuim you could use it.
    Scanlan was always keen to send lightning out of his groin

    1. also percy’s hair went white from the torture he endured – cassandra’s ended up with just a small amount of white, as she did not go through as much as percy