The Mandalorian 3×5 Reaction

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  1. Tamo I see you all over their website writing negative comments most often towards Eric. And you’re a patron, are you so insecure that you need to pay $15 dollars to insult someone over their differing opinion?

  2. Tamo…you must really have an incredibly pathetic life if you are willing to pay money just to be negative towards people, i feel sorry for your family having to be related to you

  3. This has been an interesting season. Once again, just looking at the episode itself, I had a lot of fun. Cool space-fighting, fun visuals, finding the Mandalorians a new home…all great stuff. However, I really feel like this season is meandering as a whole. Other than the hints dropped on Coruscant there doesn’t seem to be much of an antagonist for the season overall. With three episodes left I assume we are heading towards some sort of show down on Mandalore? And it seems like that will have to tie into Gideon in some way…but that’s wild speculation based on what we’ve seen so far. I dunno, they definitely could finish strong and make it all work, but I’m a little worried maybe the writers are being stretched by the expansion of Star Wars projects or something. I also hope they don’t feel compelled to tie things into the sequels in any way.