The Mandalorian 3×8 Reaction

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  1. Enjoyed it more the 2nd time, but this Chapter is too short and definitely left me feeling unfulfilled, primarily because the previous Chapter is so good and got me hyped for the season finale. Quality action, but no air/space battle between the TIE’s and Bo’s fleet & I was hoping Grogu could have been a bit more powerful fighting off the Praetorian Guards. My biggest complaint is I do not like when things aren’t explained, ala Grogu finding Din Djarin after he was separated and last seen with Bo’s group, how R5-D4 was on the planet just when Din needed his help, what happened to Gideon’s TIE fleet that were attacking Bo’s fleet, and who were “The Spies”! Still enjoyable, but some lazy storytelling dropped this from an 8 to a 7 out of 10 stars.

    I was a little disappointed Eric & Aaron didn’t address some of the issues I mentioned.