The Mask of Zorro Movie Reaction

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  1. I really hope we get a reaction to 2002’s Count of Monte Cristo. It’s in a somewhat similar vein to this movie, (while it’s different from the original work) it’s really entertaining and fun. Great reaction!

  2. Not a movie nor is it from the 90s, but please sweet baby Jesus watch Bojack Horseman. It is a fantastic series that is in my top 10 shows of all time

  3. This movie is so amazing then they made a sequel and it was absolute garbage I hope they remake this with Antonio as the old Zorro Hopkins role and bring in a new guy to take over the role that could be very cool to do now a days

  4. Im pretty sure there was a blend because Mexico was gracious enough to let other people settle on their land then texans basically said fuck you this is our state now so the alamo was a rebellion and they deserved what they got still it worked out for them in the end tho as a propaganda tool but i never realized till now how Zorro was basically Mexicos Barman because at the time all this was still Mexico

  5. yeah antonio is TOO gorgeous. distractingly so………and him as the don is giving me flashbacks to aladdin. im just waiting for zeta jones to say “im not a prize to be won!”

  6. uhm thee were two zorro cartoons before this (one in the 80s, one in the 90s) so…………..not three decades..batman doesnt exist for me. my point of reference is aladdin. get rid of the magic and replace genie with og zorro, so many similarities

  7. In those days you cast based on talent and nobody cares Hopkins is Welsh because you believed he could play Old Zorro and Antonio is Zorro. You’re not going to find any Mexican who could play zorro that well in those days. Nowadays people do cast based on fear of the woke movement backlash. You can try to do a Zorro cast best ethically but why can’t films be cast on best actor giving best performance wins and that’s ok.

    1. I didn’t mind his casting because of the history of Mexico at this time. It was still European dominated or at least was one generation removed. The aristocracy and higher class were Spanish and European at this period of time. To me it’s 100% plausible a Spaniard/European could be Zorro especially if he was older. For an action, big blockbuster film they really got the basic elements of Mexican history right.

  8. Yooo I haven’t watched this in ages and forgot how much I liked it! Also, I remembered more than I thought haha. Loved your reactions and the discussion! This was so fun. I’d love to see you react to more 90s action sword-fighting films or even just older swashbucklers (they’re some of my favorites). I know you’ve probably seen most of them but it’s fun watching you get so excited over your favorite scenes, too!

  9. I never saw this film in my life until watching it with The Crew. My god… why the hell did I never see this film before? It’s fucking amazing for what it is.