The Matrix Reloaded Movie Reaction

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  1. I think the point of this movie was that no matter how much a machine tries to make the perfect world for humans there is always an enigma on the human condition and the human element is never 100% predictable and the system can’t function with those people in it so it lets the 1% who can’t accept the system live outside of it, and I would add more but better to wait for the third movie when more is revealed so as not to spoil.

  2. Choosing between slavery and death isn’t a real choice. The remainder of the equation is choice. If people aren’t given the option, even if it’s subconcious, to reject the matrix then many more people will feel like something is wrong and rebel. I think the equation is designed to keep as many people as possible inside of it, whilst still making a way out an option.

  3. Animatrix answers some of the t questions about the universe i recommend watching it, if not to clarify things, there are still sections of it that are legendary and one that scarred me for life as a kid..if you watched it you know the one lol.