The Matrix Resurrections Movie Reaction

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  1. Just a little trivia for ya: That stuntman from the The Matrix who went on to direct John Wick was Chad Stahelski. He was Trinity’s husband (handsome Chad) in this movie.

  2. The fighting was the main part I disliked. A lot of the fights felt jagged and wooden. The story continued as good as it could from where they left off at.

  3. This movie was Great. I’m so happy I watched Reloaded and Revolutions with you guys to refresh my memory too. I though this was a great way to do a sequel with all of the meta commentary.

  4. I really enjoyed it, I wasn’t expecting lightning in a bottle again, impossible to do it twice. Just a bit of info, Lana and Lily Wachowski are both trans women and known as the Wachowski siblings now. Some studies show gender dysphoria is more common in twins when one twin has it.

  5. I didn’t think it was horrible, but man, they cheapened it so much. There was a few moments where I thought this movie could’ve been great, but that feeling quickly faded.