The Rings of Power 1×1+2 Reaction

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  1. Basically what I want to say is this: Tolkien’s work can be modified and adapted. There is no problem with that. The source of the problem is that the men who did this job changed the story he wrote by saying “That’s what Tolkien would have done”. As I said, if an alternative story based on Middle-earth had been written, the work would not have received such criticism, because people would say that they “wrote a story and filmed it”. But Amazon producers are making a thousand kinds of changes and trying to make people pass it off as “the original work can be like this”. This is what got people’s reaction. I also react to it. Men make up female warriors by saying “the female characters are not really in the foreground” or turn female characters into warriors. Galadriel may not even have a sword in her hand in her 8000 year life, but she is showing off with a sword in the show. The producers of the series say, “Tolkien did not give information about these parts, he left them blank, so we thought it appropriate to fill it like this”. And people say, “Who are you to change or add to Tolkien’s story?” However, if the series producers said, “We wrote an alternative story based on Tolkien’s work. In our fiction, there is a Galadriel warrior, a single mother, black elves and dwarves, etc.”, no one would say anything, even if they did, “this is an alternative story, it is meaningless to compare with the original”. .