The Rings of Power 1×4 Reaction

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  1. I imagine Sauron would have to already be in Middle Earth in some.capacity because in previous versions told.of this story he is the one who gave Celembrimbor the inspiration. Still haven’t seen he’s benefactor so fingers crossed

  2. Robert from the YT channel In Deep Geek has a great theory about The Stranger. He seems to control fire, the fire around him is so evil it gives off no warmth, he interacts with the fireflies and they die (in contrast to Gandalf interacting with living creatures and they survive), when the starfall occurs Gil-galad picks up a leaf that has seemingly been corrupted by darkness…all qualities that point to an evil being. We know that a Balrog will appear in the show at some point from the trailer, and Balrogs are shape shifters. Could The Stranger be a Balrog?

    1. I think this theory might be right! In the last episode The Stranger fell into the tent and popped back up looking like a monster, scaring the harfoots. Could be the show cheekily foreshadowing what he is.

  3. Wild theory here.. What if Elrond reuniting with Durin causes a prophecy… Of a wizard… Elrond swears on his fathers name that he will not give away the secret of mithril.. The Stranger falls from the sky(supposedly space) and slowly develops into what we know as Gandalf.. But what if that being was Elronds father Eärendil sent back because Elrond betrays his name.. I’m saying that Durin and Elrond meeting set this up, not Galadriel jumping off the ship.

  4. I like that Silmaril Idea a lot. So check my thoughts here. What if that Balrog wasn’t asleep in those Caverns, but enthralled like his master by a Silmaril. Now this is where the theory gets fun. If I’m not mistaken, mithril can only be found under Moria, the richest mountain kingdom the Dwarves ever built, and most fought over place in Middle Earth. All those would make sense if a little piece of heaven’s light was buried there. But it gets better, Mithril is a miracle metal, bright like silver and harder than anything ever seen. What if silver being one of the purest metals, were touched by the light of a Silmaril, perhaps it might be made magical? Thoughts?

  5. My thing is atm adar has to be sauron I don’t think there is anybody else it could be, the stranger has to be a reimagined version of the blue wizards it’s too easy to just assume is gandalf where as there’s not much detail on blue wizards so they can mostly do as they like with the character, now either adar or whoever will end up being sauron will kill him and they will try to explain that’s why gandalf, radgast and saruman was sent down afterwards or he will have a whole different story and head to the far west from middle earth, I really hope it isn’t gandalf as the elven rings aren’t even made yet and the 3 wizards arrived on ship where cirdan then gave his ring to gandalf so there’s no way gandalf should be there, the blue wizard would be a better route as there’s very little info on them

    1. We already know they don’t give a crap about the timelines. Everything is so wildly off that they’re just going to do whatever they want. Elendil and Isildur are alive like 2,000 years early. No mention of Celeborn, no

  6. Given that the series is heavily leaning on the Unfinished/Lost Tales as they apparently have the rights to it (the only text that mentions the name Armenelos)

    Adar is likely a combination of Maeglin and Maglor character inspired by both. His gauntlet ties to Maglor where he burnt his hand on a stolen Silmaril. Both turned to serving Morgoth, where Maeglin taught the orcs craft and writing and constructed the siege engine that attacked Gondolin. Maglor on top of stealing a Silmaril and tossing it into the ocean, got extremely close to killing both Elros and Elrond as children. He intercepted Earendil and his two children as they escaped a besieged city.|

    I don’t think “Sauron” at least in his Annatar/Evil form actually exists yet. That events in the upcoming episodes will bring about his appearance.

  7. They gave Faramir’s dream to Eowyn in the films where she says she dreamt about a “great wave climbing over green lands and above the hills”. Which was Faramir dreaming about the fall of Numenor.

  8. speaking of sparticus actors: dont recognize any of those dudes (never saw the final season) but the queen of that island was in sparticus too as crixus’ lady love (she replaced leslie ann brandt). the show is filled with sparticus legacies it appears