The Sandman 1×10 Reaction

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  1. Episode 10 is the real finale. Episode 11 came out about a couple weeks later with some bonus content.
    Based on what Dream said this episode it seems like there are almost two teams amongst the Endless siblings. On one side you have Destiny, Death and Dream and the other you have Desire, Despair, and Delirium. We don’t know where The Prodigal falls in there.

  2. The reason Rose conjures a heart as the symbol of what makes her the Vortex is because she is a descendant of Desire, whose sigil is a heart, which we see later when Dream contacts Desire.

    Cain and Abel appeared in the Sandman comics because in the early parts of Sandman, they were pulling lots of characters from DC Comics into it to integrate it into the DC Universe. Cain and Abel in DC are based on the the “actual” Cain and Abel but are *not* the actual Cain and Abel. They were “horror hosts,” and later moved to DC’s Vertigo imprint (as Sandman did as well).

    1. I always thought that the Cain & Abel in the Sandman are actually the original ones. I know that in terms of comic book history, they were not (they were, indeed, host of horror/mystery stories in some kind of comics). But the Sandman-universe adaptations of those characters appear to be the originals.
      Cain’s story in the bible, after all, was basically that God marked him, and he would never die, and not be accepted by haven or hell, but sentenced for wandering eternal. So, it kinda stands to reason that he would eventually come to settle in another place, such as the dreaming. And Abeld being such a good brother, he would follow.
      Also, remember, they referred to themselves as the ‘first story’, archetypes of their own story (the original murderer and victim). So, they imigrated to the Dreaming, a land of stories.
      And Dream also mentioned, that Cain and Abel was not his own creations, they came from the outside (that’s why Dream had to consume Gregory instead).

  3. I think the Corinthian mentioned to Ether (around Episode 2, I think) that he will eat her eyes, and she will not have to tell her anything, he will learn for sure. So, there was a hint that he would learn information by eating eyes. But for sure, it’s his thing, too. He is a mass murderer, a collector, embodied. So, for fun, too.