The Sandman 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Dreams are abstract and can mean anything. Morpheus already pulled the hope card and how everyone has dreams regardless of what they are about. Idk how he is supposed to embody dreams anymore than desire/despair is an embodiment

  2. aaron is over thinking very simple: in shared custody you need permission to take the child out of the city/state. look at the ages. “judd is too young so no you are not taking him out of state but you can take rose”. its really not that deep

  3. Stephen Fry is a national treasure. He and Hugh Laurie were a comedy duo for years (check out “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”), and then also paired up for “Jeeves and Wooster,” which is brilliant. You can see him in V for Vendetta, as Malvolio in the Globe Theatre’s celebrated 2013 production of Twelfth Night, and a host of other things, but he’s probably best known for a) Melchitt in Black Adder and b) hosting the panel quiz show “QI” for 13 seasons.

  4. Aw. Aaron mentioned The “Butkis” family (the trash family) from It Takes Two. Such a specific reference to an awesome movie of my childhood. Nice. The Blind Wave crew never fail to make great references.

  5. Aaron moving so close to the camera made me laugh so hard. Anyway, you guys are right, The Prodigal is just what they call the sibling that went away, it’s not the name, you’re right that it also starts with a D. Despair’s symbol/sigil is the ring with the hook. If you check again, Desire was wearing the ring when they summoned their sister to their gallery.