The Umbrella Academy 3×10 Reaction

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  1. To me they explained everything fine the deal was to convince the rest of the group to go to the other side and to earn their trust back and in the end steal their power but Allison didn’t know they were going to die. And the father just wanted his wife back and didn’t care enough about the kids lives

    1. exactly. i guess that is too simple for the guys to accept so they are looking for some deeper convoluted plan when the answer is love. it always is. you get your family, i get my family the end. simple pimple, quid pro quo.

  2. Netflix confirmed a season 4 so we can be happy about that! Speaking of season 4 and canceled you guys need to watch Young Justice season 4 especially since it unfortunately got canceled!

  3. Klaus wasn’t supposed to be there, and that means that Allison was the seventh to step on the star dying with the rest without being able to stop him. The father knew that the particles were needed to fuel the machine, so or he wasn’t going to keep the deal and kill everyone because didn’t care about them or he knew that didn’t matter who die before reseting everything because will come back to normal once it’s done.