The Umbrella Academy 3×3 Reaction

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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for asking about best practices in regards to deadnaming and fictional characters. Not many cis people really give a shit about whats the right or wrong way to refer to us. No one would be hurt by calling s1 and s2 victor ‘vanya,’ but I’d say it’s good practice. That character is victor so I’d say treat it as a retcon and his name has always been Victor. But it’s not huge deal if you slip up. Thankyou for making the effort, it may seem small but it’s a big thing and it’s appreciated.

    I love the families reaction to Victor coming out. It’s so well done and wholesome. Unfortunately the majority of the positive representation we get is about how shit it is to come out and the prejudice we gave. Which is important to depict, but it’s nice to see a trans character who I cry over shared joy and not shared trauma. It would be a better world if we could all be treated like victor was. Thankyou for putting the work in and taking a step towards that x

  2. Harlan is autistic. Back in season two he was nonverbal and would listen to the gramophone to cope. There was a scene where he got mad the record scratched and had a struggle with his mother.