The Umbrella Academy 3×9 Reaction

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  1. i get why you cant understand their resoning eric. you’re hopeful and most of them have lost all hope. they are depressed and dealing with ptsd from all their past traumas from birth til now. this is their THIRD apocalypse just days after their second and its giving final destination: death wants to happen. in their case, the world wants to end. so they have adopted this defeatist attitude. “if we do nothing the world is going to end. if try and fail, we failed at saving the world again. better to do nothing then take the chance of losing”. without that nihilistic outlook they literally have no reason to not try. do nothing: world ends. follow dad: a chance to save the world. but only folks like allison and laila have something to fight for: their children. diego is just being stupid diego for no reason outside of bad writing. we get that he is an idiot, but he has a heart and he wants a chance to raise his unborn child. so it makes no sense for him to not vote to go. he can always try to keep her out of the battle but to just go “lets all die together” doesnt work at all.

  2. they havent shown this and no way to test this so klaus wouldnt know for sure BUT i take it klaus thinks when the world ends, ALL dimensions in that world end or he would cease to exist completely. not that he DIES but is just wiped from existence? which means he cant go to the spirit realm since in that case he didnt technically die. again, i have no idea why he would assume that. did hargreeves show him some data off screen? who knows. sigh, such excellent writing this season