The Witcher 2×5 Reaction

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    1. Considering the games were always considered unofficial sequels to the books and they said they are “adapting” the novels nobody should be trying to connect the show to the games. And as far of the book side of things goes they both are adapting things and also changing things. That’s generally how adaptations work ?

          1. Really? Then why aren’t there any interviews or articles from him about the show? The only time he talks about the show is during the season premiere, as part of Netflix’s advertising campaign.
            I’m part of Witcher fandom since 2009 and know Sapkowski and his opinions very well (about adaptations). Look dude, you can believe whatever you want, but its better to read the books yourself and form your own opinion.

    2. He also needs to be careful mentioning anything from the games. Because they’re sequels to the books, there’s one or two things (one in particular I’m thinking of) that are presented as common knowledge in the games that are actually big reveals in the books. I’m sure he’s aware of this, he’s read some of the books too, but I still get nervous every time he mentions the games.

  1. That isn’t really a new thing. One of the very first scenes of the 2nd season was Tissaia going back into memories of the dead men to see if she could find Yennefer. Not exactly the same thing but similar.