The Witcher 2×8 Reaction

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  1. To my understanding it’s going to be a good while before we get season 3. It would be cool if over that time Rick could read more of the books so there would be at least one of the BW Crew that knows the source material. Also for anyone that still is unaware, the games are considered NOT canon. Despite them being great and kind of fitting mostly perfectly after the events of the books.

  2. Also to answer Eric’s thing about playing the games, I agree with Rick. One is hard to play now bc it is quite old, best thing would be to watch a recap then play 2 as it is more modern and less janky, and also play 3 bc it is definitely a masterpiece lol.

  3. Ciri’s dad was a porcupine by curse, it was broken by true love. Him and Ciri’s mom were ‘lost’ at sea, but he actually survived and usurped the throne. That is her dad.

  4. this season was whack. it was all setup and no payoff. the first season was so much better. i just couldnt connect to any of the characters this season and there was no FUN. the first season is so good (watching it again for like the 3rd time). i will only watch this again cause 1. yaboyroshi 2. missed alot cause i was so bored…..ciri trying to become a witcher? no thank you. when you got magic why do silly sword stuff? LAME. yen being powerless? NOPE. only good i can think of is at least fragilla actually had stuff to do this season as a main character instead of background nothing til the finale of season one.