Top Gun: Maverick Movie Reaction

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      1. Well technically jjk0 won the poll but idk why you people feel the need to bash something you are not familiar with or dont like. I want jjk0 but i heard this movie is rlly good. Plus jjk0 is next week so im excited for that. Can we just enjoy what we like without shitting on what we dont?

        1. Hey, if we didn’t have people like the OP whining about not seeing yet ANOTHER friggin’ anime, there would have been no problem. Get on your high horse with them, not those of us responding to them.

    1. no. cant enjoy something thats not for me……….im not mad it won since nothing on the list was for me except hocus pocus and it was never going to win. i knew it was going to be this or the anime aka things for the many, not for the one. so YOU enjoy the movie that is good to YOU and ill just be happy for you and never see it 🙂

  1. Won’t let me access anything, I’ve become a member and paid today’s charge, but it still takes me to the payment page everytime I try to watch

  2. people need to stop complaining this movie is amazing its actually real cinema. the overall story for JJK0 honestly fell short lets all be real we just wanna see their reaction to the animation.

  3. Jennifer Connelly played Penny Benjamin, the Admiral’s daughter who was name dropped in the first movie, “1st time crashed and burned” which is why it wasn’t the first time and her daughter saying don’t break her heart again

    also, Glenn Powell aka Hangman is my choice to play Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movie

  4. It was fun hearing Calvin’s input. He seems pretty knowledgeable. This movie was too silly sounding for me to pay for, but I enjoyed the bits of Star Wars/Air Force stuff, and your reaction was great.