Vikings 6×18 Reaction

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  1. As the comment above said, I am pretty sure it is Nova Scotia. I believe they filmed there as well. I loved Ubbe and him exploring, the cinematography and soundtrack was amazing. Ivar’s condition does make the whites in his eyes turn blue, it was mentioned in 5a in episode 8. They all have blue eyes but Ivar’s is an actual condition. Also is interesting that both he and Alfred are struggling with their own problems. New look Alfred is awesome, such a fantastic speech too! They will finally battle which we have been waiting for since 4b!

    With regards to the spin off, it is 100 years after Vikings so even if Erik has a son, he will be long dead lol.

  2. I seem to recall that the show is portraying Ivar as having a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a disease that causes bones to break easily. It also causes the sclera (whites of the eyes) to turn blue, apparently because OI thins the collagen that makes up the sclera of the eye. That’s what I remember from when I looked it up when Vikings first started talking about Ivar’s eyes going blue.

    Also…I’m not sure at all what the hell the show is trying to portray Alfred the Great as having. It always seems like they’re trying to portray him as just having an issue with his head where he has headaches and then passes out, but the real Alfred the Great’s issue was his gut. From the symptoms the chroniclers wrote down in Alfred’s time, modern doctors have guessed it was probably Crohn’s or something similar. Nothing to do with his head, or with passing out. Thankfully The Last Kingdom, which I hope you watch someday, portrays Alfred’s illness correctly, and a lot of other historical things. (Also, the actor who plays Alfred in TLK is amazing.)

    1. I have ulcerative colitis which is in the same area as Chron’s… so if the real Alfred the Great had that I feel for him. It’s an awful thing to deal with. I can only imagine how much more so back in those days with limited bathrooms and plumbing and how long it takes to get dressed and undressed