Vikings 6×19 Reaction

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  1. This penultimate episode was amazing, both the England and North American storyline being the best. That battle with Ivar vs Alfred was so well shot, and Hvitserk aka Marco Ilso is finally getting recognition for his performances in battle! I have always said that he just goes full berserk in battle, and he clearly enjoys it the most out of any of the brothers including Bjorn. I would not say he is the best fighter but he is my favourite to watch.

    Shoutout to Harald, what a great ending and death for him. I was so happy to see Halfdan again, such an awesome character he was. Peter Franzen is one of my favourite actors, he always performed.

    With regards to Kattegat, it just shows the golden age of the Vikings is over. And Erik even if he has a son, that son will be dead by the spin off since it is 100 years after lol.

    Floki!!!!! So glad he is back. Ubbe’s storyline is just satisfying to watch, a new world and its what he deserves.

    Next episode is fantastic, it all ends well!

  2. I think that’s kind of the point. The golden age of the Vikings is over, and they go forever downhill from here, pretty much dying out completely in 1066 with the death of Harald Hardrada. (Which is followed not far behind by the death of the Saxon age, when the Harold Godwinson, the king who killed Harald Hardrada, is in turn killed by William the Conqueror right after, making way for the Norman era. And thus, Rollo gets the last laugh in all of this when his great-great-grandson takes the throne of England.) So, of course the Kattegat stuff is no longer something that makes people eager to watch. A way of life is dying and falling into chaos, but not the fun or fascinating kind of chaos. It’s kind of like the fall of Rome. Or, well…the western half, at least. It wasn’t started by anything more interesting than a line of really incompetent leaders that spent more time killing each other than stopping the barbarian invasions.

    And, uh…if you want a look from the other side, definitely try The Last Kingdom. Then again, it’s not completely from the other side, as the main character kind of straddles both worlds. Still, it’s *mostly* from the Saxon perspective. And Alfred is older and definitely more impression than the kid that’s still working this all out in Vikings. (It is set a little bit later than Vikings, after all. The Great Heathen Army in Season 5 of Vikings is where The Last Kingdom starts, in the main character’s childhood. I think you guys would love it, maybe even more than Vikings.