Vikings 6×20 Reaction

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  1. This was a great finale and a satisfying end to the show for me.

    Ivar got a fantastic death scene and as you guys mentioned showed his true feelings in his last moments. That battle was shot phenomenally, the choreography and violence was on point and Marco/Hvitserk’s performance was top notch.

    Ubbe/Floki had a great ending, and the whole Native American storyline was executed so well. That final scene of them on the beach was emotional and both Gustaf and Jordan were amazing throughout the seasons in their performances. I am just glad Ubbe and Floki got a happy ending, both deserved it.

    With regards to Hvitserk’s end, it signifies that the golden age of the Vikings is over, same with the Kattegat stuff. Whilst I was not a huge fan of the Kattegat storyline, I did not mind it because one, it did not get much screen time and two, it showed that Gunnhild’s words were true. The ruler of Kattegat was a nobody compared to Ragnar, Lagertha and his sons.

    In the end, Ubbe and Hvitserk survived by changing their ways while Ivar and Harald died sticking to their old beliefs and convictions. I liked how it marked the golden age of the Vikings being over.

    Overall, I have loved this show. It has had its ups and downs, but its highs are some of the best moments in television for me and more importantly, the show itself did not collapse and ended well which is all I could ask for. Its had some of the best characters, some of the best actions sequences, character interactions/arcs and the acting was brilliant. Props to all the cast, crew, extras etc. Most if not all battles were great, the York battle or Heahmund’s death, or retake of Kattegat with Bjorn and Ivar are some you did not mention.

    Loved these reactions. Hopefully you guys react to Valhalla when its out, and lets hope its as good if not better!

  2. Now that Vikings is finished you guys should definitely consider watching The Last Kingdom! In my opinion it’s on par with if not better than peak Vikings. It goes a lot more into detail about Alfred and England, which was my favourite part of Vikings, and gives a sort of alternate perspective about the events.

    1. Yes! Last Kingdom is a worthy successor to this show and I find the pacing to be brilliant. Alfred is a lot more fleshed out; he wasn’t bad in Vikings – pretty good actually – but he is more central to the formation of the would be England.

    2. Amen to that! The Last Kingdom is a fabulous show and is a lot more grounded in history than Vikings. I mean, no show is perfectly historically accurate, and they do add characters that never existed, but Bernard Cornwell did a hell of a lot of research to get his book series as accurate as possible while giving himself enough leeway to make the story keep moving, and the writers of the TV show so far have seemed careful in the way that they shrink down the books to fit a TV show with…mostly good results. Sometimes better than the book, where main characters would die “off-screen”, so to speak, but the TV show gives them a better death, or the show moves past a part of the book that drags a bit to make it more interesting.

      It’s good stuff. Fingers crossed that they show it, though I fear Vikings will be replaced by another anime. Oh well. I waited for almost a year that time we kept trying to get them to watch Doctor Who, so I can wait for The Last Kingdom.

      1. And no, that’s not a spoiler. There are dozens of “main characters” in the book series. You’ll be hard pressed to know which one I’m talking about before you’ve seen the show, especially if you also haven’t ever read the books.

  3. As usual, Vikings had history and just kind of smooshed it in with their show. There *is* a Northman who had been defeated by Alfred in battle and converted to Christianity, given the name Aethelstan, but it wasn’t Hvitserk. It was a man named Guthrum.

    Hvitserk went to Gardariki (Rus lands north of Kiev), but was defeated and executed by being burned at the stake. Which is probably where Vikings got their idea to put Ivar and Hvitserk with the Rus, even though Ivar went to England and ruled part of the North until he died of a sudden illness around 870-873.