Vinland Saga 1×14 Reaction

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      1. no bruh i look forward to rectors reactions to willibald screaming at the villagers and his speech about love i could not help but cringe when i heard it in dub

  1. I take it as God is showing the girl great mercy and forgiveness, a contradiction to what her family was teaching, as I imagine they would deem her evil if they found out she stole. And then she’s lying in the snow, acknowledging her wrongdoing, then waking up to the bright morning sun, almost like a rebirth; that whole sequence was gorgeous. I think this little side story serves as a neat contrast to Thorfin’s journey, showcasing one of the many paths someone can take after a great tragedy.

  2. Lmaoo why are u mad bro, this dub is garbage and that’s a shame that you can’t admit that
    Anyway, I don’t give a damn cuz I’m not paying for this service
    If I was actually paying for this content, I would have been mad but that’s not the case so I’m good

  3. Im just here trolling your asses cuz I know the minute I say that the dub isn’t great, there are always gonna be dub elitists that will come just to say some dumb shit just like you did

    1. Gotta say bro don’t you think it’s pretty pathetic to fish for hire like that. Like you don’t have anything better to do lol. The lengths people go on the internet is just weird to me.