Vinland Saga 1×18 Reaction

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  1. I feel like it was poor translation on the dub part. Love is indiscriminate. Like the snow that falls on everything. Or a dead body who can not hurt or favor anyone again

    1. I never was and I am not a sub elitist. I do prefer subs but I have no reason to everyone to like it better too or to watch it in sub. Of course stay watching the dub if that`s your format, no problems.
      But as a fan of Vinland Saga, talking to other fans (talking, not complaining or demanding) I wish the dub was a little better for some “lessons” the show tries to impart.

      Again, not asking for anyone to change subs and dubs, just a commentary between fans

  2. Naaah, you dared criticize the dub??
    People gonna be mad dude, don’t you know, it’s pretty much forbidden to criticize the dub here even tho and I’m not gonna be polite and respectful like you, even tho this dub is pure garbage, pure trash, like I can’t believe a real official studio was behind this voice acting, this looks like something fans would do, not professionals voice actors

    1. Just shut up you always show up just to start shit people are not mad about you complaining about the dub it’s the fact your acting like a asshole to anybody that disagrees with you.

  3. Not at all, I’m just spitting facts
    The fact that you took time to answer me proves me that you know I’m right
    The crew himself knows but obviously they can’t say it during the reactions
    They might say it and admit it later in the future tho

  4. I think the whole thing is the connection between “paradise” and all these examples we have, from Valhalla to Vinland to Avalon, of different views of paradise. everyone is trying to get there, but Canute just wants to make the current land into a paradise.

    1. I mean. It is funny to see people respond to you. But I think what’s even more hilarious is you wasting time doing that every episode…don’t you have better things to do ?. I just don’t see what your getting out of this. It’s all pretty sad

  5. I think Rick has got the right idea. The priest is seeking a benevolent being capable of indiscriminate love, and that is ultimately impossible. We as humans are capable of love, because God first loved us. But because we are born into sin and have free will, it is a lifelong challenge to truly “love your neighbor as yourself” or “love as I have loved you”. The priest is definitely referring more to loving your enemy and challenging the point of war. But I don’t agree with his definition of love because his love sounded like it was more inactive. So when the prince put action in front of the mindset of being indiscriminate, it really shocked the priest. For the mindset of a king to his subjects, this makes perfect sense. In many ways, a king becomes the “savior” of their people. A neat moment when he turns king mode.
    By this point in history, a LOT of what Jesus taught and Paul wrote to the churches is muddled and cherry-picked, so understanding what it is that God wants is very misrepresented. I’d refer to Corinthians Ch. 13 for a nice definition of true love. I think the priest had the right idea, but missed the whole message.

    1. I think the priest understanding that indiscriminate love is inherently impossible for any living human being is quite right, hence the talk about death. Humanity are not in control of such a capability when alive. When conflicts arise, the teachings of God are destined to fail. I think holy books did the right thing in advocating for true love and tranquility, but a lot of times, they are more likely used as a device for regulatory compliance, urging humanity to endure and forget. Love and hate are binary, nature’s mechanism, we are born into it. God is not helping. That’s why Canute is seeking out ultimate power. He wants to God’s work. His act is not the mindset of being indiscriminate, but by using “selective discrimination” and weed out conflicts, humanity can enter a state that is closet to true love.