Vinland Saga 1×19 Reaction

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  1. I do wish the dub translation was closer to the sub when it comes to the lines at the end about bygones. In the sub it was much more of a lesson about how “letting the past be water under the bridge” is all one can do. Connects much better to the themes of the show and Thorfinn’s journey. The dub made it a bit more nonchalant

  2. Buddy, the dub is gonna disappoint you every episode unfortunately.. it is what it is
    I do wish they were watching the sub for « certain shows » where you can tell that the dub is clearly trash, just like they did with squid game.
    Vinland saga’s situation is obviously different because it has a decent dub (the other one) but the sub is still superior, and like you said, the dub translation can ruin certains lines and certains scenes as well..
    In a dream of mine, they were watching the sub for Vinland saga and it was awesome, buts it was just a dream I guess

    1. i’m from the future catching up on vinland reactions…dreaming and wishing is all you can really do because we’re 22 fucking episodes into dub reactions lmfao. i’d understand if we were on episode 1. episode 18 comments… bruh