Vinland Saga 1×3 Reaction

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  1. Y’know, I’ve already watched this in Japanese, and I think it’s still a bit better than the dub. But watching in Japanese, I had missed just how gorgeous the background are in this show.

    Btw, the blonde’s name is spelled Askeladd, though I have no idea how it’s pronounced, and the show seems to be trying to go for the actual Norse version, with mixed results.

    1. Im pretty sure Askeladd isn’t a real norse name. Espen Askeladd, also known as Askeladden the name of a Norwegian folklore hero. I haven’t found any other mentions of the name, so im assuming the name in Vinland Saga was inspired by the name of Espen Askeladd although he doesn’t have anything to do with vikings. Also, wIthout spoiling anything, the way Askeladd in the anime got his name is almost the exact same way Espen Askeladd got his name in the stories.

  2. I was worried at first, but the actor nailed that scream for me despite using the f word lol. Watching the subs for the first time that was when the show sold me and I got teary eyed again.