Vinland Saga 1×4 Reaction

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Comment (21)

  1. Honestly it’s crazy how much I like the other dub over this one and all of these voice actors in this dub are really good voice actors that I love and other series but the other dub just sounds more Viking I guess with their accents.

  2. People who say the Sentai dub is bad are crazy the the only bad thing is thorfinn kid voice and his sister and overall the writing is much better in this one than the other one but i still prefer the Netflix one but this is actually pretty good if want a bad to meh dub look at haikyu.

    1. Agreed. I don’t think its a bad dub. I feel like some of the line deliveries are a little weird because it’s written to be more “formal” as opposed to the Netflix dub leaning more on modern talk/words. Like the actors themselves are having to speak slower, is the vibe I get. I think overall there’s more energy in the Netflix one but this one is not terrible like how some make it out to be. I do like hearing the names of the characters be spoken in a more traditional manner. Its fun to learn that way.

  3. Of course it’s not a bad dub for you guys, cuz there is no bad dub for you lol
    But in reality, this dub sucks
    This episode was goated so it’s sad to see it that way but anyway, we can’t do shit

    1. the last line the voice actor for thorffinn delivered was good, but the sub voice actor made you feel that shit in your soul from the moment he opened his mouth

  4. There are lot of conversational/ expression mistakes in this dub. Thors was not supposed to come off as menacing and say “these men are not the type to know what best for them” after he threw Bjorn, in the other dub and the sub it was “these men are not the type to stand down when told”. He actually sounds worried. Totally different meanings. Sentai has a good script but their dubbing director definitely did not pay enough attention to VA performance.

  5. Aaron there’s no magic or god power with Thors. He’s just a god damn hoss that will be drinking his fill with Guts in the afterlife. Thors is a level of badassdom one can hope to achieve one day but will fail all their life trying to achieve.

    Ladies and gents… stop the dub debate for a moment and give respect to a legend.

  6. Berserker Mushrooms are a real thing. It’s a hallucinogen combined with the adrenaline of battle, along with Viking ideology made a violent killing machine.

  7. Everyone talking about the sub vs dub vs dub and i’m just here like “awwww. calvin really felt those last scenes and was bawling.” watching any of the guys cry makes me tear up.