Vinland Saga 1×6 Reaction

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      1. yeah it definitely ain’t the worst but id say it’s like a 4 out of 10 because at least they don’t constantly fuck up the names and with bw watching it I can actually sit through it.

      1. i think its a product of the sub voice actors being unusually good.. like I’m not snobby about sub vs dub (re zero is a good example of a great dub) but the sub voice actors regularly give you chills and so far in this dub I’ve only heard 1 line delivered with seriously immersive emotion.

  1. im glad throfinns voice got a little more older its way more enjoyable now than his child version, btw i just looked it up in the amazon sub throfinn says “I told you to run away” “I told you in English” while the dub says “I told you to run away” “This is no place for you” so yeah the dub confused you there a little

  2. I do like how they gave the English citizens English/British accents. I couldn’t help but be bothered when watching the Netflix dub when I heard them speak with normal American accents. But there were enough hints that they weren’t speaking the same language and usually another character would bring that up anyways.

    1. I’d rather they speak with American accents.
      A) because most of the british accents in this episode were off
      and B) because the vikings speak with American accents anyway so it’s already innacurate

  3. Huh, the hate for the dub seems very unwarranted. I think it’s doing just fine, the bloodcurdling scream from young Thorfinn I thought was great. Askeladds voice actor I think fits the character really well and now slightly older Thorfinn voice sounds better. As with all dubs a lot of nuance from the original is lost in translation but that’s pretty much unavoidable. I’m looking forward to hearing a voice for a certain prince in this dub, I think it’s gonna be hilarious if they can pull it off.

  4. This dub is sooooo trash, I can’t even listen thorfinn, but of course it’s not a bad dub for some of you cuz there is no bad dub for you lol.. fucking dub elitist. I mean if this isn’t a bad dub, I would like you guys to give an example of a bad dub cuz I cannot think of anything more trash than this