Vinland Saga 1×7 Reaction

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  1. this episode are the first chapters from the Manga of Vinland Saga, Thorfinns childhood (episode 1-4) comes later in the manga but i am glad that they put it up front for the anime

    1. I kinda preferred the way it was in the manga. It is a genuine shock when Thorfinn gets his ass brutally kicked and sets up Askedlad as an important character before we get the backstory

  2. I’d have to rewatch but I think it was just Floki who wanted Thors dead. He’s the one that hired Askeladd to do the job, and as proof, deliver his head to him (Floki). No kings involved. Just personal. Also I thought King Swane came after King Harold made that ultimatum. It divided and dispersed the then Vikings into separate groups or kingdoms and Swane is one of those kings. I could be wrong. I just remember that Harold was from the past (remember Thorfin was mad at his father for accepting that their ancestors ran away from Norway).