Vinland Saga 1×8 Reaction

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  1. Love that you guys are already tacking the philosophical themes of this series. It gets a lot denser later on so there’ll be some great discussions.

  2. “Everybody is a slave to something”. I love this theme in the show, and how it’s conveyed across every character. I don’t think Askeladd is comparing the suffering of involuntary slaves to those who are metaphorically a slave. While Horda’s free will was taken from her, the master has willingly chosen to be a slave to fortune and power; completely arrogant and ignorant to his own actions. We get more of that dichotomy during the conversation between Horda and Thorfin; it’s easy for Thorfin to say “If I were you, I’d kill him and run”, while denying that he is a slave to vengeance. Horda, to his surprise, says that she could never kill. This girl who has had nearly everything taken from her, still retains a sense of self preservation; a piece of her that is hers alone. She didn’t sell her soul, in a way. Characters like Thorfin and Askeladd have. They’ve traded their moral compass for something that granted them “control” albeit, revenge, status, money, etc. Not only is Askeladd admitting himself that he too is a slave to something, but he is poking fun at the people who do not realize they are as well. The theme has a lot more nuances from this point on.

  3. The Harald talked about in this episode is a different person from the Harald they’ve talked about previously.
    The previously mentioned King Harald was the first King of Norway, whereas the Prince Harald mentioned in this episode is the Prince of Denmark.