WandaVision 1×1 Reaction

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  1. so she can conjure rings but not food??????? her powers make no sense lol it started ROUGH. the jokes were NOT landing at all but it ended well. the nosy neighbor was the best part of the episode. LOVE HER!

  2. if it was my first marvel thing instead of hulk/iron douche i would be like: wow this is pretty cool. i love 50s/60s sitcoms like bewitched and i love lucy, this is so my style. vs yawn bore “science bros” yuck

  3. nah, its very bewitched. the nosy neighbor, everything flying around the kitchen trying to make dinner like a “normal housewife” only to zap up something in the end, the miscommunication, heck even the “ooh that house is for sale im going to zap a sold over it and now its ours” thing. SO BEWITCHED!