WandaVision 1×2 Reaction

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  1. I think the voice sounds like Hawkeye. As for the sitcoms referenced, episode 1’s set was similar to the Dick Van Dyke show (early 1960s); episode 2 feels like Bewitched (mid 60s). Bewitched started out in black and white and switched to color a few seasons in.

  2. Something I haven’t seen discussed is Vision’s job. Is he being used as some kind of high tech computer by the outside force? I’m thinking like in Dollhouse where the brains of the people inside the construct were being used to process the data needed to run the whole thing. Or is his “computer company that does computer things” how Wanda imagines a tech based company operates because she doesn’t understand computers?

  3. they changed houses cause they changed shows. first show was dick van dyke and second show is bewitched. thats how the house in bewitched is set up just the stairs are different. there should be a bannister at the end that jaunts out to the left with 3 stairs to get to the living room not straight up and down

  4. he doesnt travel through hell when he teleports, its another dimension possibly the dark dimension. dottie is in agent carter, not this character but someone else.