WandaVision 1×3 Reaction

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  1. I feel like Wanda is a prisoner, but whoever has “captured” her knows that the only way to keep someone who can bend reality prisoner is if they want to remain a prisoner. That is where Vision comes in. He is the lock on her cage. I think subconsciously she knows that if she breaks free she will lose him again, so she is actively maintaining the illusion, even from herself. The commercial breaks and the cracks in the illusion like the helicopter and the radio getting through are her subconcious struggling with itself over whether to accept reality or not.

  2. well she made the babies in the comics so………and yes he is a synthezoid not a robot. his body synthesizes human life thats where the name comes from. bu he is still not organic so no he cant get her pregnant with his cyber sperm. not traditional birth here! lol kalvin kind of touched on how its possible for her to make the twins but dont know if they will go that route or just let it be “wanda’s powers only”.

  3. that hydra soap commercial is a call back to a classic and famous brand called calgon. they made bath “powder” and their tagline was “calgon, takes you away” that was the inspiration for the commercial. it helps you have a grandpa in the blindwave family lol

  4. uhm sword is still an earth/human creation. thinking they are only in space is like thinking nasa is only in space lol no. they have the peak which sits above earth like a satelite monitoring everything. other than that? EARTH

  5. you dont have to grow up in that era to get it or love it. im 37, obviously i didnt grow up in the 50s and 60s. i still grew up on these shows, own all the seasons and have watched them HUNDREDS of times. i will watch i love lucy long before i want anything new hence why im “behind” on shows/movies cause yeah they LOOK good but i dont know that they are good. lucy is a guaranteed thing. so if i at 10 could get into i love lucy ON MY OWN i am sure a 20 something aka the target dem can get this as well. yeah kids love marvel but this is so not a kid show

  6. this show is tackling a LOT of storylines. house of m, wanda and scarlet witch 70s/80s series (both volumes), the death of vision (no thanos in the comics. his body was completely destoryed and so was his personality/memories/ability to feel). these things all happened in different time periods over several decades just like the show is doing different decades. clever if its on purpose. and sword is like shield and armor aka the good guys. they are NOT hydra and aim