WandaVision 1×4 Reaction

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  1. Well Wanda got Snap, so when she got back she went straight to the fight on End Game. The head of HQ Sword in Earth said it had been 3 weeks since the people that were Snapped had come back. We can deduce that after End Game, Wanda got Vision’s body n could not handle reality n had a mental breakdown. We need to remember the very first time we were introduced to her she was crazy looked on a Hydra facility, with her brother. We also know that the FBI had someone on protecting custody on that town, of a few thousand people. Wanda is manipulating reality, playing house whit Vision death body. Vision still has some conscious but does not know what is going on since Wanda is in control of him since every time he notes something n she notes she changes reality to hide it, but when he notes staff happening when she is not around reality doesn’t change.

  2. I think it’s Vision’s corpse, because otherwise Woo wouldn’t ask, if Vision is alive. If Vision is just an illusion made by Wanda, they would know he’s not real, because they would have his body. But he asked, if he’s alive, as if Wanda could have revived his body.

  3. your selective group amnesia is confusing. there are videos of you reacting to the trailer for this show and to the disney investor day video. both had monica rambeau in it. kevin feige named the actress, showed her picture and said she is playing grown up monica rambeau and will be in wandavision and captain marvel 2. where is the shock of the reveal coming from???????? jimmy woo and darcy were also in the wandavison trailer………..