WandaVision 1×5 Reaction

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    1. That makes sense, I also wondered if Monica was holding on to some childhood resentment because her favourite “Aunt” left when she was a kid and never came back. She could be unhappy that when she did come back it was for a big fight without looking her up. Kind of how Jane Foster was mad at Thor for not visiting her after the Battle of New York.

  1. Maybe someone can correct me, but have we seen Wanda change reality since the twins were born? What if it is actually them that are doing that, first as foetuses then as kids. They created the Stork (which is why Wanda couldn’t make it vanish) they aged themselves from Zygote to 8 months and then to being born and obviously we saw them turn themselves older a couple more times.

    Previously Wanda has displayed telekenisis and Psychic powers, not reality altering. What if the kids were temporarily giving her that power while she was pregnant (which she was since before the Blip) and since they were born they have been just maintaining their creations subconciously? They created their uncle (which is why he looks different) and I think they created the dog as well.