WandaVision 1×6 Reaction

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  1. In the frozen trick-o-treaters scene there was a skeleton child close up next to another kid before Vision spoke to that woman asking if they were her children..only noticed on my second watch. Maybe I’m crazy but think that’s a victim like shown in the island yomagic commercial

  2. Regarding Visions struggle to get out, keep in mind when Monica got rejected, the barrier was still blue, maybe the modification to the barrier has something to do with it.
    And I like to think Pietro was actually pulled from the FOX-Men and Wanda is filling his mind with what she remembers of Pietro from the MCU.

  3. sword had vision BEFORE wanda took him so obviously whatever they want him for (weapons) was BEFORE she was a threat. nothing wrong with reading. its fundamental you know. #readcomics wiccan and speed are great gay representation and heroes