WandaVision 1×7 Reaction

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  1. 1. fuck marvel for making agatha evil. she is good but of course cause its disney all witches are evil….YUCK 2. damn katheryn hahn slayed that! 3. and no marvel you are not clever. agnes/agatha and im a comic reader so i know how important the character is to wanda’s story. knew since she was cast she was going to be agtha. knew something was up with her since episode 1, just not that she was EVIL…………ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agatha in the comics is chaotic neutral
      she does what she wants for her own reasons
      while yes those reasons can line up with the side of good there have been times when her actions have been for evil

      for a comic reader I would expect you to know this considering I found this when I was googling the character so it must not be hard to find

  2. thats what that book has to be, the darkhold. its a thing in marvel comics: im an evil magic person i must get the darkhold and summon the devil or a demon god or hell dimension king somthing. chthon, mephisto, etc etc. i think wanda brought the real pietro from the mcu and agatha just used her powers to make him look different. him being evan peters is just a meta thing and nod to the viewers. nothing to do with the xmen or multiverse

  3. of course nexus is a thing. the nexus means the center of something and in comics there are nexus beings, people who exist in every single alternate world in the multiverse. wanda is one such being, hence why she is so powerful