WandaVision 1×9 Reaction

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  1. Have you guys checked out the Marvel Studios Legends videos on Disney Plus. They had two for Wanda and Vision before their show and they have one for Falcon and the Winter Soldier out now before their show. It basically retelling the MCU history of these characters. I think its a awesome idea they did for these new shows.

  2. My take on that ending is anyone who tries to spy on wanda just sees a grief striken woman living in isolation where she can’t hurt anybody, where as in reality she taking every moment to study and grow stronger.

  3. I want to hear Eric talk about realities n simulation when “Free Guy” the movie with Ryan Reynolds coming out on May 21, 2021. That movie will be dealing with that type of philosophy, like how an AI like Jarvis from the MCU, which is software that has access to the Internets (like Siri or Alexa) and can affect the real world with electric objects with CPU’s. Is he alive is it illegal or bad to kill it/erase the program? Ultron was just AI software that had access to high-performance military equipment (Skynet terminator) similar like Malware that lives on the Internet that attacks/eats data of PC’s or devices that connect to a site that is infected. Therefore making virus detection n purging a crime at what point things that affect the real physical world objects and people is bad.

    Director Tyler only wanted to stop Wanda, save the people she was terrorizing. His man had been attacked and absorbed by Wanda Hex n the kid she created on that reality that were not real were attacking the rest of his man with powers. Director Tyler was constantly attacked n contradicted by one of his men under his command that 2 weeks ago return from flipping (Tenos disintegration) was emotional compromise from the trauma of coming back to life 5 years later with her family dead n her recent medical exam said her hole body cells n molecular composition had changed even her brain (Monica Rambo was not Physical or mentally capable to be on active duty). He was dismantling and studying Vision dead body to recycle the Material since they are extremely rare. The only 2 things he ever did wrong were lying to some of his men that Wanda after forcibly enter a facility she had taken Vision’s body, which she did not take but did force her way in. Secondly, since he had no access to an Avenger he was forced to go against Vision’s will n rebuild his body to fight Wanda n the creations she made (Vision n the kids) to rescue the people she had slaves. Why is he the bad guys? or been taken under arrest?