Wednesday 1×3 Reaction

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  1. i dont know about all the addams but i know grandma (morticia’s mother) is a witch. its seen in the movies and in the 60s tv show. morticia is also supposed to be a witch in THAT canon but this is an adaptation so they change things to fit the narrative. based on him, pugsley and fester all beeing short and round maybe gomez and the boys are all some form of igor. maybe a type of dwarf or troll? as they said, not all outcasts are from big classifications so they may be of a rare breed that just has them look different and maybe have a more powerful physiology then humans (hence why they can survive things that would kill a normal human being). like the faceless people. all they have that is special about them is they have no face (as far as we know) no power at all. (they could be telepaths which would explain how they are able to speak but this has not been confirmed on the show)

  2. I love Metallica. I was born 1984. I still have shirts from the the 90’s and early 2000’s that I’ve never worn. Y’all are great reactors! Thank You.