Wednesday 1×8 Reaction

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  1. Wednesday really does care about people – which she vehemetly denies. So I don’t understand Eric’s comments about her saying it like it’s 100% true and she doesn’t need any friends

  2. Tyler was definitely artistic. He worked all week on the latte art (which is not easy), helped design and deliver the cake for Wednesday, he’s more a tortured artist than Xavier with all his “famous father” teen angst. I actually liked Tyler and Wednesday, so I have small hopes for Tyler to return and maybe redeem himself. However, I have always been okay with Wednesday being without a love interest. So whatever they choose to do with her will be fine. I highly dislike the death of Weems. Gwendolyn is a goddess and I am sad she is no longer with the production. Rumors are a new Principle (with an old face) will be coming for season two. I’d like to see more about our new Nevermore friends: Bianca (Brandy Jane) and her issues dealing with Morningsong, Eugene and his amazing insect powers, and see more of the other Outcasts and their powers/backgrounds.

  3. Regarding Crackstone, M’s comment about “wondering if he’s a hypocrite the entire time and had magic before he died” the scene where Wednesday has the vision of Goody tossed into the barn has a clue. When Crackstone is watching the building burn he has the same staff and hits it to the ground(subtle) and you can hear a sound that is made almost the exact sound his staff makes during the last episode. Seems that M is correct and that he had this ‘power’ before death

  4. I just noticed at ~16:17 when Wednesday and Enid are waking toward the camera near the end of the episode there is an uncommonly tall white haired person at camera-right whose face we do not see.

    You can put this in the tin-foil hat:
    There is the Shakespearean reference to Ophelia hall. And it has been suggested that what was used in Romeo and Juliet for the potion that made Juliet appear dead was belladonna which is in the nightshade family. They could use Weems’s height to suggest that the nightshade dosage wasn’t sufficient to kill Weems but enough to make her appear dead as another reference to Shakespeare.