What If…?1×3 Reaction

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  1. Loki didn’t go to Thanos to ask him for help. He fell in the hands of Thanos. It was not like both sitting at a table, working out their cooperation. Thanos didn’t treat Loki like a business partner, but like a subservient. He tortured and manipulated him. People seem to forget that The Other was threatening Loki in The Avengers and how terrible Loki looked when he was talking to Selvig and when he came through the portal, not to forget the whole conversation between him and The Other. The scepter was also influencing him.

    In this universe Loki took over earth without destroying New York and killing people and after we saw how he is as a ruler in Thor Ragnarok I don’t think he would treat the humans badly. Would be cool to see how he defends earth against Thanos.