Whiplash Movie Reaction

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  1. They bring up Bobby Knight, and how he took his coaching too far, throwing chairs, hitting students…but hes also one of the greatest sport coaches of all time with record numbers.

  2. TEMPO! LOL love this film. and yes jk got “jacked” for this film to be intimidating as heck even though he so didnt need it cause he’s scary af. he has the acting CHOPS!

  3. I’ve seen this movie once before and remember just being like gaah it’s so intense and stressful. Definitely enjoyed it. However, i mostly wanted the main kid to get some self respect and stop trying to impress this absolute asshole of a human. I wouldn’t be taking that shit i don’t care how good or famous you are I don’t respect a twat ???

  4. I think that people like Fletcher are one of the necessary evils of the world. We need them to achieve greatness or evolve but that doesn’t mean we like them.