Willy’s Wonderland Movie Reaction

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    1. It’s already happening, smh. Can’t stand these people, not because of their passion but because they can’t seem to pay attention to Blind Wave’s extremely transparent schedule

      1. For what it’s worth, I’m aware of the announcement and can still be slightly annoyed they started something only to stall it for a month. I’d be happier if they just postponed the first movie to after october, but when your options are 1) Hate fate fans or 2) be an insufferably annoying fate fan, it can be hard to inject rational objection.

  1. Yikes, this movie feels like a bad Asylum pic. Like, they saw that Five Night’s at Freddy’s was popular (5 years ago, they’re a little late to the party) and decided to ride its coattails. It’s literally the same shit that asylum does, releasing piece of crap movies with a small budget and similar titles to current blockbusters. The color gradient is awful, it’s got annoying shaky cam for the action scenes to cover up the bad CG, and the characters with actual dialogue are written atrociously. Sure, they were going for the whole tongue in cheek bad movie, but it’s still not entertaining.
    Maybe it would work as a short film, but the joke gets so repetitive I can’t see how anyone can be engaged by the whole movie.

  2. Its a Nic Cage movie. Its not for everyone, but if you’re down, its a good time. I don’t go into a Nic Cage film expecting the best anything. I’m just here for the Cage. I may not watch this again, but I don’t regret my 90 minutes I spent with it and the Crew (and that awesome intro Rick).
    And this could not take place in Texas. Texans would have handled this the same week, not 20 years later.

  3. I love every time they react to a bad movie, it’s just so fun. AND generally they are much more animated than when watching something serious. Bring on October baby! Also, anyone negatively judging the movie choice by only watching the supercut reaction is really doing a disservice to themselves (that goes for any other movie too). Live a little.

  4. Just watched this with friends on a whim like a month or so ago. It’s a great ride. The Janitor is basically the final form of one of our friend group, the hyper focus on the job and nothing else, so he is forever ‘Level 100 Feed Barn Eric’ amongst our gang. Also I think I remember reading that the creators of this swore up and down that it was in no way influenced by Five Nights, to which I have to call shenanigans on.

  5. Loved this film. It’s a film that seems like it shouldn’t work, but Nicholas Cage is able to act with just his looks and it’s hilarious. It’s a the best slasher-comedy I’ve seen in a while. The teens tell him to get out and he just looks like, I have a job to finish. He’s a prime example of solid work ethics.