Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Reaction

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  1. Watching this movie review I did find Aaron was extremely forgiving towards this movie and praised some aspects of this movie where there was praise to begin with

  2. I do agree with Eric to a certain degree about cancel culture towards this movie, but the other portion of me agrees that this movie has a pretty bad script and that there is nothing decent about it.

  3. This film felt like a throwback comicbook movie to me like something that would have been filmed in the 70’s or 80’s. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I had to suspend a lot of disbelief like I do when I watch older Superman movies.

    1. that was the point/goal. to make an actual 80s film NOT just a film set IN the 80s so she achieved her goal. i guess someone should have told her not all 80 films were great………..

  4. Yeah, that was not a good movie. I am with Calvin on this one. Being superhero movie is not an excuse for illogical things that were happening here. There are some laws of psychics within certain universe and we get that people are superstrong or superfast. But there are still same laws of psychics that are the same for “normal” people or ordinary things. I had high hopes for this one, but no.

  5. you saw the movie. heard calvin’s complaints and you STILL dont get why people hate this film? lol 6/5 are NOT great numbers that is average, mediocre aka BAD. im so confused at your confusion. its ok to like something and know its bad. i know mcdonalds is bad for me but i still eat it…………..#tellthetruth

  6. Awww man yall were in true form with this one…..I was laughing the whole way thru. “Electricity in water doesn’t work like that..” lmaoooo Nice Reaction!!

  7. I finally became a BW patron because I appreciated this reaction and review so much. It is so refreshing to see reviews that start from the place of “whether I enjoyed this movie and how” rather than a place of “what should my social media pose on this content be consistent with my brand positioning.” I agreed with Eric 100% about both the culture of “wannabe film critic” and of “all or nothing” in fandom today.

    I personally found this movie a delight and it was even better the second time watching because I was no longer burdened with expectations from the first film. I think I enjoyed it as much as the first WW, but in different ways as they are quite different films. I think this is the nub of some of the negative reaction this film has gotten.

    A lot of people didn’t want to see Patty Jenkins make a different film, they wanted to see her just remake the first film as so many sequels do. Within the genres of action films, fantasy films, superhero films, etc. it has become the standard formula to keep the tone and look the same and just mix-up plot elements—and often even change protagonists’ psychology and character while keeping their powers and verbal quips the same. But Jenkins instead made a movie where the character essentials are the same but the tone, look, ad sensibility is shifted from WWI/Progressive era/William Marston period to Late Cold War/Reagan Era/Jenette Kahn period. And some people couldn’t get past the shock of their expectations being dashed enough to experience and evaluate the film on its own.